Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crystal Body Deodorant

My boyfriend recently purchased a stick of all-natural deodorant, made of natural mineral salts and ammonium alum. It's a good alternative for those who worry about the safety of antiperspirant (some research suggests a link between those chemicals and Alzheimer's or cancer; some people are allergic to standard products) or if you just don't like the scent of other deodorants.

The company that produces Crystal Body Deodorant claims that the product neutralizes the bacteria that cause body odor. The product works well, can be used by men or women, and does not leave a mess on your black T-shirt if you accidentally combine the two. There is no problem with Crystal Body Deodorant.

Their logo, however, is hysterical.

So check it out. We've got a man and a women. They appear to be naked. That's cool--it's a unisex hygiene product, so that makes sense. The woman's face is lighted, but the man appears only in silhouette. But women are prettier than man, right? The man is flexing his prodigious bicep. The couple are holding what must be a stick of the product. And it looks more or less like the lady is helping the man apply deodorant to his underarm.


Does this guy need help applying his deodorant? Is the women trying to tactfully tell him he stinks? If he's a bodybuilder, isn't he already aware of the effects of sweat? or am I perhaps in the minority of relationships where the woman does not help the man put on deodorant?

Most pressing question: how did these models keep a straight face during the shoot?

I don't know. What this picture is meant to communicate is uncertain. But it was too good to keep to myself.


Natural Deodorant said...

Its better to use chemical free deodorant as chemicals are harmful to skin.. this crystal deodorant is aluminium free, so its best option to use.

Deodorant Crystal said...

I'm definitely going to try that this weekend. I really like how the natural deodorant absorbed the sweat, but I'm not too concerned about sweating. It's my body's natural way of eliminating impurities.